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“I started riding at the Palmer river stable 3 years ago and I could not say enough about it. I absolutely love it. I look forward to going every summer. You learn about caring for the horses, how to ride, and a deep respect for them. Dawn the owner is great about teaching us and is wonderful with the horses. She also makes us riders feel right at home. I encourage any rider (ranging from beginner to expert) to give it a try. I give Palmer river stables a solid 5 stars!” Caroline Wright

“My two children have taken lessons at Palmer River over the last ten years, first my son and now my daughter.  I have appreciated that not only do they learn riding, but also responsibility in learning how to care for the horses as well as common sense in learning safe behavior.  The teaching horses are well chosen for the students and become like old friends.  Their summer horsemanship camp is also a great way to start for a beginner.  My daughter is now taking lessons twice a week and can’t get enough of it.  I highly recommend Palmer River as a riding school.” -Sung-Hee Lee

“My granddaughter is a relative newcomer to Palmer River Equestrian, but she has grown remarkably in a short time under the tutelage of Shirley and Dawn. She’s excited to go there and always comes home with a smile on her face. There are a few things I can guarantee a rider will get when she rides at Palmer River: 1) a deep appreciation and respect for the horses, 2) a knowledge of how to care for these magnificent animals,  3) first-class riding instruction, 4) a truly happy learning experience, and 5) friendships with a group of truly nice girls who look out for each other and are eager to help each other. What more could one ask for?” -Susan Tash

“I just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know how thrilled we are that Anna is now part of Palmer River Equestrian Center. She is so excited on Sundays for her lesson and always happy and chatty once she’s back home. She is having so much fun there. It’s been lovely to watch. As parents, Joe and I are relieved to know that she is safe and well tended-to while she’s there. And it’s great for her to have some “pony pals” too! She was really missing that camaraderie in her riding experience. That Sunday group seems like a great group of girls! We are thrilled through and through!” -Kate Cherepowich

“I have ridden at Palmer River with Dawn Cook since her arrival For part of that time our horses lived at home, but we took full advantage of the rings and lessons/events.  In 1997 Dawn found me the horse of my life. Kit was boarded at Palmer River for the entire time and i can’t say enough about the quality (and quantity) of care given by Dawn and her staff. I have taken regular lessons and while, at this time of my life, I’m a very senior rider, Dawn has encouraged me and made it possible to continue one of the joys of my life.  I love watching the camp kids and their enthusiasm and Dawn’s committment to their experience.  Horses love Palmer River where they live in a happy environment with as much outdoor time as possible.” -Susan Waddington

“There aren’t enough Thank you’s in the world to express how much I appreciate Dawn, Shirley and Emily for their thoughtfulness towards my daughter Lucia. Tonight everyone helped to surprise my daughter with an early birthday present of her own saddle. Not only did these 3 amazing teachers orchestrate an incredible rouse..but helped me and my husband pull it off and make our daughter the happiest I have ever seen her. Over this past year we have watched Lucia grow and become more confident in her riding. I highly recommend Palmer River Equestrian Center for a top notch place to learn, grow and experience all that horse lovers desire. Thank you so much again!! Much appreciation.” -Joy Beale

“The indoor arena at Palmer River has been a godsend the past couple of days!  Even though the wind chills outside have been in the negative double digits, the indoor arena has been very comfortable.  What a treat is has been for both my horse and I to be able to school for a solid hour and not be cold!!” -Angela Cunard

“Top notch facility, professional staff. I had a wonderful experience, highly recommend. Great place to school xc.” -Kim Martin

“My daughter had been wanting to take horseback riding lessons for some time. We researched quite a few places and Palmer River came highly recommended. After speaking with Dawn, we decided to enroll her in summer camp to get her feet wet. She loved the camp more than I have ever seen her love an activity. In fact, we signed up for an additional week. She feels comfortable at the barn and loves the responsibility she is learning and the time spent with the horses. It has been a truly wonderful experience for her, taught by competent, caring staff. We love Palmer River!” -Katie Wright

“My daughter absolutely loved her experience at Palmer River Summer Camp.  We aren’t from the area and our 8 year old arrived at her first riding camp experience with some nervousness.  She was welcomed, looked out for, made to feel part of a community and taught things she values.  A very positive experience all the way around.  Thank you!” -Heidi Spear

“I’ve been riding at palmer river equestrian center for 3 year’s. Every day I lean something new! I love to ride at palmer river equestrian center because I get closer to horses and pony’s every day too!” -Halley Rebelo

“My first grade daughter has attended summer camp sessions for two years in a row. She absolutely loves them! The older girls are great working with the younger ones. She came home each day with a new wealth of knowledge in tacking, caring and riding instruction. They also have great birthday parties providing lots of individual attention and riding time. All the girls stated it was the best birthday party ever! This year she is attending with two of her friends that attended the birthday party. Definitely infectious!” -Monique Furtado

“I have been riding with Dawn for a couple of years after a long hiatus from riding. I knew I needed to work with Dawn in order for me and my inexperienced horse to be successful. I have gone from being terrified of a 6” jump to confidently riding courses in shows. Dawn has been so helpful and has gone out of her way for me (and others I might add). The students, boarders and staff are so welcoming and helpful as well. The facility is top-notch and gorgeous. I look forward to each and every visit. I can’t thank Dawn enough!!” -Angela Cunard

“After leaving another barn in the Southeastern Mass area, we discovered Palmer River Equestrian Center – what a world of difference! My daughter was able to enjoy a much richer riding experience than she had at any barn previously. She worked closely with Dawn and quickly rose from a beginner level rider to a skilled competitive level hunter/jumper. Last year we moved across the country to Nevada – my daughter won Grand Champion in Southern Nevada Hunter Jumper circuit and I know that it is hugely due not only to Dawn’s excellent instruction, but the rich hands-on environment where she was able to become very close and comfortable with the horses she was riding and training on. She learned to care for the horses, to care for the barn and she also became very close with the other riders and the whole barn was a close knit family. Even though we’re now 3000 miles away, I know my daughter will never forget the awesome experiences at Palmer River! -Joseph Taylor

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