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We are excited and looking forward to a spectacular 2020 Horse Trial season!  We are continually remodeling our cross-country course with former Kentucky Horse Park builder, Aaron Rust, and have some amazing new jumps.

7/12/20 Update: We will no longer be offering a Pre-Elementary division. Please see below.

Dear Pre-Elementary riders,

Our cross country course is designed on changing terrain, giving us the ability to place jumps in a way that helps all levels not only build confidence but also to challenge. With that being said, we are eliminating the Pre-Elementary division in order to focus on the four upper levels. We would love to invite anyone in the Pre-Elementary level to move up to the Elementary level – you may find the course is well suited for you and will give you confidence to move up the levels.

Horse Trials Information

7/1/20 Update: Please read the following guidelines before entering:

Familiarize yourself with the COVID-19 safety guidelines and recommendations. Please wear masks at all times when not riding and hand sanitize for safety. When you arrive at the farm, you will be offered a gift bag that has been safely handled and stored. You will then be escorted to a spacious area to park and work from for the duration of your stay. There will be no entry to the barns but a water hose will be available in the parking area. Be respectful of distance between riders, grooms, and trainers. Only allow your groom and trainer to attend the day. You can video and take pictures that friends can enjoy after the day is over. Please follow the directions that will be posted throughout the property to guide you from each phase. Please minimize your warm-up at the ring and take time to walk your horse in the trailer area. Riders will be informed if the next phase will be delayed. You will enter the dressage arena from the front and exit through the back.  You then will return to your trailer and prepare for cross country.  You will complete your stadium jumping and go immediately to the cross country start area.  If you are not prepared for cross country at the completion of  stadium, you will need to inform the Ring Steward in order to allow the next rider to take your position. You will only be allowed to re-enter the cross country phase of your ride within your division time. Finally, we ask that riders please prepare to exit the property as soon as it is safe for your horse to travel.

View a video of our Horse Trials 2018 cross country phase:

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